Seylon Stills


SOUND ARTIST . Composer . Inovator

ambient orchestral folk with nature inspired, interactive soundscapes

To experience her performance is to experience a deeper sense of connectedness. Seylon Stills' interactive, original media art creates a new sense of togetherness using the very technology often criticized for pulling us away from the present moment (our smartphones). Her innovative exploration of proprioception guides participants into experiencing a new sense of their identity in relation to others. Her nature-inspired soundscapes and immersive sonic textures build a new frame for community.   

Seylon Stills' inventions draw on her MA in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education while her focus on mindfulness and vulnerability draw on her BS in Psychology. By creating a new application for technology in which individual cellphones are used to create one sound, her work symbolizes our delicate connectedness to one another and the natural world.    

Seylon Stills is a composer, artist, and innovator, heavily influenced by the natural beauty of the island of Srilanka, her birthplace. Her performances, installations, and artist talks have been presented by The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque Museum, Cole Art Center, Currents New Media Festival, Contemporary Austin, UTOPiAfest, Women From Space Festival, York University and Stephen F. Austin State University.  


Seylon Stills

A greenhouse performance in collaboration with the Stephen F. Austin State University's Horticulture Department